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"Hope is the best energizer there is!!" :)
Forgive me if I start to cry,
not knowing where my tears will land and stain.

Under stars we were.
Fresh as the dandelions we would blow on and make
wishes to.
We were as wishes,
magical, and exuding possibility, the good kind.
The world was big but not at all scary.
The world was just a lullaby sung in the arms of a mother.
We were just two kids on the roof of a car looking at stars.

You were by my side as we walk toward the sun.
I would like to believe that walk never ended,
and that it never will...but...

No, mother! Do not take us away! You will regret this!
It is not that bad now, oh, but just you wait.
We will keep singing a sad for who knows how long!

Why do the memories have to be so distant?
Why are my best days behind me even though you are so close to me?
Just a door away... so close... but not the same
because we are need of repair.
Almost everyday we walk through fire,
and almost everyday we are in a huge snowstorm,
and our talks have changed even when they are happy;
we will never get back on that roof top again,
for a lot of reasons.

Get up!! Do you have any idea what you are doing?!

I had a dream last night
that we were back to the place we should never have left.
But we were still us, this us,
and did not know what to do with where we were.
But we were there,
and walked upon our old places;
of course it felt strange, how could it not?
Of course it was sad to see that it can never be the same
and except for one brother,
we can never be the same.
But in that dream,
even though I knew we did not fit in there anymore,
I did not want to leave;
I already left home once.

But I want to fight
for a chance to extinguish the flames and melt the snow.
I believe in a different way,
we can have what we lost.
I believe our love can shine the light of happiness,
and that you can let guard down
and smile without a care to whatever you find beautiful in this world.

No, We Did NOT!!
As children how could we?!
Out on a vacation--lasting much longer than a summer one, mind you--from the world.
Oh, how we would pay for this!
but we are having so much fun!
Somebody stop these crazy kids!!

I can now hear all the screams that were silent at the time--with it's bloody echo--
and all I see is pitch black of all those daydreaming days,
nothing but black,
I trip over things,
no star to guide me.

He said I was a child.
I know I want to, but how can I disagree?

But every word he says makes me stronger
and reminds me of what I must do,
but you cannot talk forever, can you?
Which is why I must fight,
for both of us to get us back what we once had
even though we can never be the same,
but who can anyway?!!

I love you;
you are so precious to me,
and you have always lead the way.
But this time we need to both lead ourselves to where we belong.
We Did NOT Know What We Were Getting Into
Just something I came up with real quick. It has a lot to do with change, and how at a time things were going good and we were on the right track, but now we are much different. I hope you all enjoy! Please comment!:)

Questions for :icongrammarnazicritiques: would be:

Do all the sad parts, which may be most of this poem, seem dark to you?
It is hard to describe what I mean when I say "dark"  
I guess I mean depressing with very deep and intense emotions, heart breaking, cold as winter and lonely.
(I just wanted to clarify because "dark" can mean different things to others)

If so, what level of darkness would you rate it: very dark or lightly dark or somewhere in the middle?

What image pops into your head as you read this?

I know this may be a strange question, but if you were reciting this poem what tone of voice would you use? And how, would it be high-energy or just somber?  

What part of the poem makes you feel any type of emotion the most or at all?

What would you say is the weakest part of this poem? (personally, I think it may be the opening line)
I have not been here for a while because I have been busy and things happened in the last week. My niece came to visit for about three days, after that I needed a little down time, and then for three days our internet got shut off. Sorry to those whose comments I have yet to respond to. You are all great; I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!:)

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